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Originally Posted by Gerdes
Now, let’s remind everyone what the mentally ill jewbitch wrote earlier:

Quote: Originally Posted by Gerdes

She hasn't been able to even prove that the "huge mass grave" of Sobibor exists;


“Actually I’m able to prove the existence of all of these mass graves by simply referring to Prof. Kola’s description.”

Yes Roberta, could you tell us again what Kola “described” finding in the “huge mass graves” of Sobibor?


“Proof is contained in Prof. Kola’s published report about his findings on site, and in the documentary and eyewitness evidence about the mass killings at Sobibor, which is compatible with Kola’s findings.”

And what were Kola’s findings again Roberta? And where can we find this published report?


“This proof is and has been accepted by historians and criminal investigators, Gerdes. So unless you can show relevant rules or standards of evidence that these people did not comply with or strong indications of evidence manipulation, it is proof for the purpose of our discussion as well (and may even be considered proof for the purpose of meeting your "challenge" by a court of law, so better be more specific about what kind of proof you want – that’s well meaning advice)... Because Prof. Kola said so and there’s no reason to doubt the statements of this renowned archeologist, especially as they are also in line with what all other known evidence tells us about Sobibor… And the reason to doubt the archeologist’s public statement that would support this "allegedly" is?”

And what did Kola say again Roberta?

BTW Roberta, why do you keep running from this queation about the core samples of Sobibor:

What do the frauds at the Sobibor Archaeology Project say it is? They’re the ones who analysed the core samples – right? They DID analyse the core samples – didn't they Roberta?

Thank you Roberta.

What part of what I wrote in my post # 840 under :

It’s obvious what you’re trying to get at, Mr. Gerdes. You produced the same retarded shit in your post of Thu Jul 24, 2008 10:28 pm on the CODOH thread under . In today’s update of my HC article under http://holocaustcontroversies.blogsp...challenge.html, I commented that retarded shit as follows:

Originally Posted by Gerdes, Thu Jul 24, 2008 10:28 pm

I kid you not folks, only a certifiable nut case or a paid professional liar could come up with this - This is Muehlenkamp's latest:

"Try explaining why charred human remains and remains in a state of decay should be visible on any given core-drilling sample from mass graves that can be expected to largely or mostly contain cremains Mr. Gerdes."

Mmmmm. She quotes Kola to say that his word alone is proof that the Sobibor holocaust has been proven by archeological means:

WARSAW (Reuters) - Polish archaeologists excavating the Nazi death camp in Sobibor said they have found mass graves at the site. The excavations could provide valuable new evidence on the number of victims. “We uncovered seven mass graves with an average depth of five meters. In them there were charred human remains and under them remains in a state of decay” archaeologist Andrzej Kola was quoted by the Polish PAP news agency telling a news conference.

Then asks how anyone could believe that what Kola says he found could be found!

This of course begs the question - If Muehlenkamp isn't a paid professional liar, then - Is he mentally ill or retarded?

Either way, she's priceless isn't she?

Like Hannover says - It's so easy.
What is actually easy is to once more demonstrate, on hand of his above babblings, what a sorry idiot Mr. Gerdes is.

The poor fellow seems to believe there is a contradiction between Prof. Kola’s description of the mass graves’ contents in a press conference and the presence of what seems to be mixed ashes of human bone and tissue on these two photos of drill samples:

and what seems to be either bone ash or lime on this photo of a core drill sample:

Why should there be such a contradiction?

First of all, I don’t know – as I expressly pointed out on VNN – if these core drill samples are related to Prof. Kola’s 2001 investigation or to later archaeological work.

Second, how does Gerdes know what core samples of "charred human remains" would look like and that they would look different from the light-gray substance visible on the core samples in the first two photographs shown above?

Third and most important, assuming that core samples of "charred human remains" would have a different aspect, how would the presence of "charred human remains" in the Sobibor mass graves rule out the presence of ashes? Even if some of the bodies were not reduced to mere ashes and bone fragments, the incineration of the bodies on grids at Sobibor must have produced lots of such smaller remains, and it stands to reason that these were not left lying around and neither necessarily taken somewhere to be scattered, but returned to the mass graves together with the incompletely burned remains that are suggested by the term "charred human remains" – assuming this is a correct translation of what Prof. Kola told the Polish news agency in Polish language.

So there’s no banana again for Mr. Gerdes, sorry. The chimp just showed once more that he forgot to think before writing.
And that’s one the things that make the chimp a priceless demonstration object of "Revisionist" imbecility. Just one.
Originally Posted by Gerdes

“Any other idea what those light grey, black and white substances in the light-brown soil of Sobibor might be, Mr. Gerdes? Let’s hear.”

Better yet Roberta - why waste time talking about what my ideas might be?

What do the frauds at the Sobibor Archaeology Project say it is? They’re the ones who analysed the core samples – right? They DID analyse the core samples – DID THEY NOT – Roberta?

Thank you Roberta.
I don’t know if these samples belong to the 2001 Kola investigation, to posterior investigations mentioned by the Friends of Sobibor Remembrance association on whose website these photos are shown, or to investigations by the Sobibor Archaeology Project, whose website is under . But I will try to find out as much as I can about these samples from both entities.

Meanwhile, I take note of and appreciate your admission that you have no alternative explanation for the light-gray substance suggesting ashes of human bone and tissue, the black substance suggesting wood ash and the white substance suggesting either bone ash or lime, that are clearly distinguishable from the light-brown soil one one or more of those three photographs.
could have been too difficult for Gerdes’ tiny manure-infested brain to understand?