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Originally Posted by Roberto Muehlenkamp View Post
...and my condition for leaving you alone was that Gerdes shut his trap, as you know.
I see, so attempting to attack a woman is your method of forcing Herr Gerdes to "shut his trap" - interesting, very jewish. And, you fail, again

What would be interesting to know is if even common law forbids relying upon eyewitness testimony as the sole source of evidence. Can you show us any source pointing in this direction?
You have no real understanding of English Common Law; just as your Friend Slammin - you did not read my post to him, in your extremity of hysterics; so I am offering it here to you now; with the same message I gave to Slammin as applicable to yourself.

If what it takes for you to "put up or shut up" when it comes to Herr Gerdes challenge is your insistent threat to continue to verbally and deliberately abuse a female Member of this Forum, then so be it.

Where is your evidence. Your proof. When can Herr Gerdes expect to find it in his mail-box. An approximate date, if not a specific one will be fine.

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