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Roberto Muehlenkamp

Originally Posted by Gerdes

"Proof is contained in Prof. Kola’s published report about his findings on site"


"Kola’s report has not been published (apparently because he had some problems with the Polish government entity that had commissioned his work)"

Oooops, Roberta cought in yet another lie.
Unlike stinking liar Gerdes, whose lies I long ceased counting, I have not yet been caught in a single lie, and poor Gerdes makes a fool of himself every time he tries to "catch" me in one.

The first of my above-quoted statement either refers to Prof. Kola’s report about Belzec (in which case Gerdes has at best shown once more how stupid he is), or uses the term "published" in a sense that includes a public press statement, whereas the latter does not (in which case the same applies).

How about providing links to the posts where I made the quoted statements, Mr. Gerdes? The context usually cuts your allegations to pieces, which is why you like to throw out-of-context snippets around, right?

Originally Posted by Gerdes
Who / what is this Polish government entity that commissioned his "work" Roberta?
Probably the same that commissioned his Belzec work. If you have followed our discussions with a minimum of attention, you’ll know which one that is.