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Originally Posted by Gerdes
Now, here's what we're waiting for retardo to do:

Tell us on what dates his partner shermer was physically in the Sobibor camp.

Show us photographs that prove he was in said camps on said dates.

Tell us on what dates his other partner Kola was physically in the Sobibor camp.

Show us photographs that prove he was in said camp on said dates.

Show us photographs of Kola excavating the alleged graves.

Show us photographs proving that said graves actually exist.

Tell us what Polish government entity that commissioned Kola's "work."

Tell us what the results were of the analysis of those soil core samples that she claims are: "ashes of human bone and tissue for the light gray stuff, wood ashes for the black stuff and pure bone ashes or lime for the white stuff."

Show us proof that the "huge ash mountain" of Sobibor is actually comprised of human ash.

Show us were the huge pit is that this "mountain of human ash" was dug out of.

And last - but certainly not least, we're waiting for Roberta to publish, in "SKEPTIC" magazine, proof that there exists just one mass grave that contains just one percent of the alleged mass murder at Sobibor and Treblinka.

Just one camp - just one mass grave - just one percent.

Just one Roberta.


What are you waiting for Roberta? (After all, you do want to put an end to holocaust denial - don't you?)
What part of what I wrote in post # 850 under :

I’m waiting for you to explain the relevance of your demands, most of which I’m seeing for the first time now, by the way (another indication of how desperate you are).

For the purpose of historically proving the mass murder at Sobibor and Treblinka (which is historically proven already anyway), they have no relevance whatsoever.

The only thing they could be relevant for is the NAFCASH challenge.

To the extent that meeting your above demands is part of

a) "proving" the "exact" location of a Sobibor or Treblinka mass grave, its "exact" dimensions and that the mass grave contains human remains corresponding to at least 1 % of the victims of each camp, and thus qualifying for the NAFCASH main reward, and

b) if the mass grave mentioned under a) is a Sobibor mass grave, "proving" that the mound of ash at the Sobibor memorial is actually comprised of human ash and thus also qualifying for the NAFCASH bonus reward,

the place where the respective information must be provided is an article that must be published by the only publisher you now accept, after again displaying your cowardice by scratching ARCHAEOLOGY magazine from an applicant’s already limited publishing options, i.e. SKEPTIC magazine. (If, of course, you want to replace publication in SKEPTIC magazine by publication on this forum, I shall do my best to address your above demands – to the extent that this is relevant for meeting the conditions of the NAFCASH challenge – on this very thread. That’s a major change of the NAFCASH site I wouldn’t hold against you.)

And to the extent that meeting your above demands has nothing to do with the NAFCASH challenge, you can print them out, roll them up and stick them you-know-where.
could have been too difficult for Gerdes’ depleted neurons to grasp?