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In 2000-2001 the proper archeological research was initiated by professor Andrzej Kola's team from the Nicolaus Copernicus University in Toruń, commissioned by the Council for Protection of Memory of the Battle and Martyrdom in Warsaw (Kola 2000, 2001).
Sounds like a pretentious version of The Ghetto Fighters.

We uncovered seven mass graves with an average depth of five meters. In them there were charred human remains and under them remains in a state of decay. That means that in the final stage the victims were burned,'' archaeologist Andrzej Kola was quoted by the Polish PAP news agency telling a news conference. He said the largest grave measured 70 meters by 25 meters, the others 20 by 25 meters.''We also found a hospital barracks. The people there were probably shot, as we found over 1,800 machine gun cartridges,'' Kola said.''In the woods we found remnants of barbed wire, which enabled us to reconstruct the boundary of the camp.''
That's what the faithful like to hear: gory stories from a supposed archeologist with added supposition to boot. He's a professional titillator.

Actually I’m able to prove the existence of all of these mass graves by simply referring to Prof. Kola’s description.
Kola's description is worth as much as the rabbi's speech. A Prof. not producing a satisfactory picture of the alleged mass graves is not just unprofessional, it's typically absurd.

I have not seen any historian or criminal investigator calling in question the accuracy of Prof. Kola’s description of his archaeological findings.
This is what you mean by acceptable standards of evidence: a man claims he has discovered something and scientists accept his description without empirical proof = "it is simply a fact." Bogus science!

...the members of the Sobibor Archaeology Project are not frauds. They are serious and competent archaeologists.
Do any historians or criminal investigators dare call their words into question? Are we supposed to accept your claim without question as the so called scientists do these days?

And I wouldn’t give a flying fuck about some howling lunatic’s fraudulent "FINAL SOLUTION FORENSIC CHALLENGE" and a reward for which I would probably have to run after 21 characterless and probably also penniless frauds, made from the same used toilet paper as Mr. Gerdes, for the part of the reward amount to which each of them has supposedly committed.

However, I might make available evidence material to who feels like making those frauds put their money where their mouths are, or at least humiliate the most obnoxious of those frauds.
You are backing out of the challenge then; but you're going to get some Jew to accuse Greg of hurting his feelings as with the IHR.
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