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Well, let us see how EG changers her claims as she called to accounting for her lies.

EG Three days ago:
1) With exception to kangaroo court trials such as the Nurnberg Trials, intentional evidence is very specific and eyewitness testimony is considered unreliable and conviction cannot be based solely upon eyewitness testimony.

2-A) No, that was your claim. My claim is that it is very hard to near impossible to convict and sentence to life imprisonment or death, based solely on eyewitness accountings in regular courts; even current day courts wherein allegations of genocide are tried.
The goal posts moved from an absolute to a waffle. It also changed from a conviction to a specific sentence (Life imprisonment or death).

Now the disctinction is important, as any student of the law will tell you. Few things in jurisprudence are an absolute, and talking in absolutes is dangerous, one had best make sure of their facts to be made to look foolish.

But all jews do speak in absolutes though. Just like you.


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