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Originally Posted by Slamin2 View Post
Under what standard of evidence and what judicial proceeding do you assume this to be true? Are you basing this on US law as it stands today? I want specifics because I plan to drag you over the coals for this statement.
heh, well you can do that in your own thread - I have advised you to start a "law" thread here in OV. I am not going to let The Mule off so easily from his ongoing diatribe as avoidance tactic as refusal to answer Herr Gerdes' simple questions. This thread belongs to neither him nor you.

It would be an interesting debate - so, start a thread.

Bullshit, consumer type fraud is a very small portion - most civil matters concern claims in tort or contract.
Despite what you may or may not be learning in your law classes, you are wrong. You should not sleep during class, Slammin. I referred to consumer type fraud as a reference; it's not the entirety.

There are two Jews sitting on the US Supreme Court, they are not shying away from this arean of the law by any measure. But again, its origins are not Jewish.
Are they now; trying to get ahold of English Common Law - heh, well, those two jews on the Supreme Court are not going to have an easy time of it - first they will have to understand it, then judaise it, and regurgitate their pap and force feed it. ECL does not quite bend the way the juden want it; they stare at it and scratch their heads; but the jews still have yet to figure it out.

Why? So you could move the goal posts again?
I do not move goal posts - that's your and The Mule's job, it seems. Since The Mule refuses to answer Herr Gerdes, why don't you take a look at his questions; maybe you can answer them. Some jew should be able to [either actual jew or spiritual jew] come up with something.