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Originally Posted by Roberto Muehlenkamp View Post

I’ll take that as a joke, otherwise I would have to call it a lie. Remember my post # 666 or my question about the relatives you allegedly lost in the Dresden bombing, for instance?
I did lose a few relatives; and I did reply to your post - go back and read my reply. But, I can recap it here. Basically, you gloss over the incineration of Dresden as nothing compared to the Hoax. Well, I disagreed. The jews got a "homeland"; Germany's future, and I do mean myself and all other young, indigenous Germans have nothing.

In my reply, I asked for my "reparations" - ie, the return of the Fatherland to Germany's children; and I will add to that, the ousting of all non-whites living in and claiming Germany as their ''home''; as well as a return of government to Germans; removal of the Occupation Government.

Not at all. If any of us two can safely claim to neither run away nor create smokescreens, it’s me.
Mellifluous verbiage ad nauseum is a smokescreen.

I strongly doubt you read much of it before
You are right; I skim over your 'stuff' these days - you are in need of an editor; or learning how to edit yourself -


and in posts that this post links to. That should have been easy to understand.
I did not say your post was hard to understand; I still say your information is hackeneyed Holocaustian tripe that can be found all over the i-net and in books, ect.

While not knowing much about the Nazi genocide of the Jews except for what I occasionally read in magazines and saw in TV documentaries or in movies,
Your education and writing on Holocaustianity reflects it's roots.

If you people were smart, you would take advantage of the "fatigue" you mention and focus on pointing out how the Holocaust is being overemphasized and taken advantage of for political purposes.
This has been done.

The author of the article under , who seems to be a Gypsy (I also have some Gypsy blood from my great-grandmother’s side, by the way)
Ah, so there's the sympathetic link to the juden. You are jealous of them perhaps; of their holocaust, whilst the gipsy 'holocaust' is ignored. For that matter; you might as well toss in the irate faggots who rail against the jews for complaining about their having their very own holocaust memorial as well.

All the numbers of which still need to be proven - fluctuating as they are, there is still no hard evidence.

It’s amusing to note that you’re tuning down your bloodthirsty "kill the kikes" – stance of previous posts, by the way. You seem to have realized the self-damaging nature of that stance.
The kikes scream about getting killed, I concur that they should have their fantasy of holocaust - a recurring theme throughout their several millenia history - fulfilled at long last - it's one prophecy the jews keep whining about; if their identity as jews is dependent on it, and it does seem to be that way as their other behaviours in Host Nations provide; then, the jews should be accomodated. They are, after all confident in and accustomed to getting their way, if they bitch and scream long enough and loud enough.

All it takes to dislike your ideologically motivated attempt to falsify history is an interest in the study of history, as a matter of fact.
Well, I am still waiting for the "historical facts" behind the jewish claim to holocaust. When will they be forth-coming? For your Prof. Kola for instance, fails to provide.

What your "opposite" reason directly motivates is not investigation, ...But indirectly it arouses an interest in genuinely investigating the relevant events and obtaining as much evidence about them as possible. That’s why the reaction of serious researchers to your propaganda has greatly enhanced historical knowledge on the Nazi genocide of the Jews over the past years.
All that work, and still no evidence of a single, gassed unto death, holocausted jew. You all need to get to work.

What are you talking about? As I already suggested in post # 919, you should read my post # 916 under . All of Gerdes' mostly irrelevant and sometimes instructively imbecile questions are addressed there.
That was not an answer you have given - it's a retort - there is a difference.

I’m not dancing at all, on the contrary. I have expressly stated that I cannot give a date. Tell me, why should I be obliged to give a date? And why the heck should I even be able to?
Because you accepted the challenge. It would follow would it not that you would then be able to provide a reasonable date that Herr Gerdes could expect the results of your work. Just common sense.

What "anxieties", baby? I’m not the one who is jumping up and down yelling "show me, show me" and asking "when, when?". What exactly am I supposed to be "anxious" about, and how am I supposed to have expressed that?
I have noticed that when men, jews and niggers in particular, and you are admitting to gipsy ancestry - do not get the desired attention they would want; they tend to become very anxious; taking to calling complete strangers "Baby"; ect - an attempt to make the unfamiliar, familiar so that they can feel less anxious -

Actually I’m entitled to demand on this forum what I’m entitled to demand on any discussion forum. If my opponents are not able or willing to comply with my reasonable demands, I have no problem with that, however. It looks bad on them.
It depends on what considers "reasonable" - you have not been reasonable for several pages now; if you ever were on this thread. Here, as elsewhere on the i-net, your low brow behaviour does not deserve the credit and special treatment you demand.

I don’t mess with my opponents’ names and gratuitously call them faggots and such, do I?
No, you prefer to call me "Baby" for some odd reason.

Your friend Gerdes is doing an excellent job making "Revisionism" look like shit, which is just what I’d expect a good infiltrator to do. And you are close behind.
Now you are sounding like a jewish inspired "neo-nazi" - As I stated before, you are a jew's wet dream.

Whereupon I ask you what would be credible to you, what your standards of credibility are based on and what evidence for a "hoax" you can offer.
I've made it very simple - show me proof of one gassed unto death, holocausted jew.

Frankly I don’t give a flying fuck what you accept or not.
Yes, we know. You are not serious about your Holocaustianity; but a pseudo-intellectual poseur dabbling in jewish mythos and ''magik'". It's been obvious for some time; on other Boards, as well as this one.

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