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Greg Gerdes

15 unanswered questions about Sobibor.

Please notice the dullards continued refusal to answer / provide the following. It seems the following is just too inconvenient for her to answer and/or provide:

1 - Tell us on what EXACT dates her partner shermer was physically in the Sobibor camp.

2 - Show us photographs that prove he ever steped foot in the camp.

3 - Tell us on what EXACT dates her other partner Kola was physically in the Sobibor camp.

4 - Show us photographs that prove he ever steped foot in the camp.

5 - Show us photographs of Kola actually excavating the alleged graves.

6 - Show us photographs proving that said graves actually exist.

7 - Tell us what the results were of the analysis of those soil core samples that she claims are: "ashes of human bone and tissue for the light gray stuff, wood ashes for the black stuff and pure bone ashes or lime for the white stuff."

8 - Show us proof that the "huge ash mountain" of Sobibor is actually comprised of human ash.

9 - Show us were the huge pit is that this "mountain of human ash" was dug out of.

10 - We're waiting for Roberta to publish, in "SKEPTIC" magazine, proof that there exists just one mass grave that contains just one percent of the alleged mass murder at Sobibor and Treblinka. On what date can we expect this to be published Roberta?

* See bottom of post


“Actually I’m able to prove the existence of all of these mass graves by simply referring to Prof. Kola’s description. Proof is contained in Prof. Kola’s published report about his findings on site, and in the documentary and eyewitness evidence about the mass killings at Sobibor, which is compatible with Kola’s findings.”

11 - And where can we find this published report?

12 - Or did you lie about it being published?

13 - BTW Roberta, why do you keep running from the queations about the soil core samples of Sobibor?

14 - What do the frauds at the Sobibor Archaeology Project say those core samples are comprised of?

15 - Can you show us a single bone or a single tooth that has been found at Sobibor?

* * * * *

* Please notice Roberta's cowardly response to questions # 10 (notice I said response, not answer. And her response was:

* It will be answered in the form required on the NAFCASH site when the necessary information is available, interest and availability on the part of SKEPTIC magazine provided.

No lying cowardly jewbitch. You accepted THE FINAL SOLUTION FORENSIC CHALLENGE. That means, you will submit to "SKEPTIC" magazine your "proof." If - IF - "SKEPTIC" magazine rejects your submittal, then, we will discuss whether or not ARCHAEOLOGY magazine can be used as an alternative source in your attempt to become a claimant for the reward money.

You're so transparent retardo. Thank you again for showing the world what a cowardly liar you are.

BTW Roberta, have I ever told you that your priceless?