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Greg Gerdes
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Greg Gerdes

Time for a little recap to refresh everyones minds just how pathetically Roberta is doing in presenting proof of the Sobibor / Treblinka holocausts:

“Physical evidence” documented in photographs – presented to date - by and in the dullards own words:

A mound of the ashes of victims of the Sobibor extermination camp, at the remembrance site on the grounds of the camp:”

A mound of the remains of victims of the Sobibor extermination camp, at the remembrance site on the grounds of the camp:”

“A glass display case containing ashes and bones of victims of the Sobibor extermination camp:”

“Hair, bones and ashes found on the grounds of the Sobibor extermination camp:”

“Hair, bones and ashes in the area of the Sobibor extermination camp:”

While no photographs are required to prove that the mass graves actually exist, the three photographs from the above-mentioned series obviously show substances taken with a core drill out of Sobibor mass graves, which are clearly distinguishable from the light brown soil of Sobibor – (Photo’s f5, f6 & f7):”

“The light gray substance on the first two photos must be ashes of human bone and tissue.

The black substance on the second photo must be wood ash.

The white substance on the third photo must be either bone ash or lime.

My assumptions regarding the nature of these substances are supported by

a) their aspect
b) their context (Prof. Kola’s investigation in 2001, the essential result of which was finding the mass graves) , and
c) the absence of any alternative theory (at least Gerdes has provided none) as to what these substances might be.”

And of course, the dullard has repeatedly referred to the Sobibor Archaeology Project’s home page, with all the photos of the alleged “huge mass graves:”

And let’s not forget what else the cowardly dullard has said:

"Boy, one can sense how carpet-biting mad Gerdes is at my having accepted the challenge... You will hear from me again on this subject when you find an issue of SKEPTIC or ARCHEOLOGY magazine with an article about my research findings in your mailbox... I’m doing my research independently of how big a chance there is that meeting the challenge requirements will get me any money. If I don’t get paid for submitting proof that objectively meets the challenge requirements, that’s fine. If I do get paid, that’s even better... but the next time you repeat that "looking for an angle out" - BS you’ll be telling another lie, asshole. I have already made clear that the reward money would be nice to have but is not the main motivation for my research... What made me decide to accept your challenge was a big mistake you made in one of your posts, one that considerably improved my chances of having access to the very evidence that is required to meet the challenge requirements... If you don’t want to accept my suggestions... that’s just fine with me. It won’t dissuade me from trying to obtain, publish and present to NAFCASH the required proof, for as you well know the money issue is secondary to me... As you well know, I’m not trying to change anything to my "liking"... what I’m showing the world is that I’m willing to play by the standards of the NAFCASH challenge... And just to make it clear once more, I intend to publish proof meeting the requirements in ARCHAEOLOGY or SKEPTIC magazine and submit such proof to NAFCASH as soon as I have it in my hands, independently of what my chances are of ever actually seeing any reward money. If I meet the challenge requirements but cannot obtain payment... that’s fine. If I can obtain payment, that’s even better.”

So the question that reamins is:

What are you waiting for Retardo?

Are you some kind of a coward, or what?