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Default Nationalists to meet in Hradec Králové


Prague, Aug 11 (CTK) - The meeting of far-right supporters scheduled for Saturday will be held in Hradec Kralove, east Bohemia, but it definitely would not be the largest extremist meeting in the country as media reported, extra-parliamentary Workers' Party head Tomas Vandas told CTK Monday.

The daily Lidove noviny wrote last week that up to 6000 people might attend the meeting.

Vandas said some 300 to 400 people were expected to arrive between 12:30 and 14:00 at Hradec Kralove train station to take part in a concert and political meeting.

He did not say where the event would be staged.

Policeman Petr Burian who specialises in extremism said the police had no other information than those posted on the Workers' Party website.

However, Burian said it was still possible that it might be a breakthrough event and for example that supporters of the National Resistance movement would participate in it.

Vandas said the far-right leaders who will deliver addresses at the event will focus on the criticism of the current political system and the forthcoming regional elections.

Representatives of far-right groups from Germany and Slovakia are to attend the meeting, too.

The organisers warn the participants on the website not to give the police any reason to intervene.

This has been long-term tactics of these extremist groups in order to win broader support and try to enter parliamentary structures, Frantisek Vales from the Czech Helsinki Committee said following a concert of rightist extremists held on August 2 in south Moravia.

Experts agree that Czech rightist extremists are preparing ground for entering politics.