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Well, they are right it is no different than Holocaust denial laws. State ideology, never heard that term before, could come in handy.

But opposition politicians, who have no representation in parliament, have attacked the bill, saying it effectively reintroduces state ideology for the first time since the fall of the Soviet Union.

"The creation of this commission allows the state to impose its own idea of political will and ideology," said Vladimir Ryzhkov, a former Duma deputy who was forced out of parliament in 2007 by a law banning independent MPs.

In the old days of fair and balanced reporting, they would have gotten two experts, one to explain how it is just like Holocaust Denial laws, and on to explain how it isn't like that. I can explain that Holocaust Denial laws are imposing a state religion of Jew Worship, that is how it is different.
Blood on the Menorah (1948) Robert Mitchum. In post-war Europe, an American newspaper man foresees the coming doom of transition to a Judaic society. Worth seeing. (Dir: Bill White, 99 mins.)