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[a simple and memorable way to look at it, and dovetails with our WN knowledge of the frankfurt school and its setting race against race, sex against sex, class against class, and generation against generation, and so on]

Youth Culture and Compulsory Schooling
Michael S. Rozeff

The most viewed videos on youtube in 2013 (150 million + views get you there) are mostly music groups for adolescents:

Justin Bieber
Jennifer Lopez
Miley Cyrus
Lady Gaga
Michel Telo
Carly Rae Jepsen
Don Omar


In 1961, James Coleman identified the cause of youth culture as compulsory schooling. Wikipedia says “One historical theory credits the emergence of youth culture to the beginning of compulsory schooling. James Coleman argues that age segregation is the root of a separate youth culture. Before compulsory schooling, many children and adolescents interacted primarily with adults. In contrast, modern children associate extensively with others their own age. These interactions allow adolescents to develop shared experiences and meanings, which are the root of youth culture.”

Compulsory schooling merely by the mechanics of it (enforced separation, outsiders teaching, value inculcation by outsiders, grades, schools like prisons, compulsion, loss of parental control of curriculum) is obviously anti-family and pro-state.