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Originally Posted by EDLIE Stampton View Post
Nothing I wrote was not true according to christianity and you should learn a little about the English language and the actual meaning of the English word CUNT.
Its not my fault that you are ignorant.
You put me in mind of a reporter that mentioned the attackers were black after a brutal attack on a old white man in London.
Never mind the old guy being ruined for the remaining few years of his life.She said the attackers were black.

What your christian buddys believe if they have a clue what they profess.

Their god burns innocent children to death.Drowned almost every living thing on Mother Earth including new born babies and babies in the womb and tells men to stone their sons to death if they are a pain in the arse and act like teenagers.
Then the next time he comes back he is going to destroy Mother Earth in her entirety.
But never mind that as a guy on VNN uses expressive expletives in his postings.
If anyone should be doing any reporting of fellow forum members it should be I reporting you for defending the sick cult of jew on a stick that says it wants to destroy Mother Earth.

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Boy, you don't have any respect for women or yourself, Now me and you both know that you wouldn't talk like that to my face, so why don't you run along and go play with yourself. As I doubt you have a single friend in the world. She's right, speaking like that shows your raising! Was your momma a sailor? Why don't you quit trolling here as you can't speak a sentence without cursing. Its childish!!!!!