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Originally Posted by John Adams View Post
So you are friends with a bloke that defends a child stalker (kevin strom) a rabid lunatic(Will Williams) and a known criminal race traitor (Jeff Schoepp). In facrt Walter has a long history of attacking anyone who dares to speak the truth about those scum .Walter promotes and defends scum that no sane person would want anywhere near them and you although you speak of unity, you continue your anti catholic rants while at the same time you accept a group of heretics that follow jewish food laws and believe that they are the original iisraelites of the bible
One last thing, you claimed in your opening post that the true Klan only accepted Natural born American citizens, yet just the other day on SF YOU posted this
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Default Re: Join The Ku Klux Klan Here
We are overseas in England, Austria and Australia. We can be in Greece as well, go to our website at Ku Klos Knights. Golden Dawn is in Greece have you tried them.

If your views of Catholics not being Christian and your acceptance of CI cult members as being Christian are wide spread through out the Ku Klos Kights then I seriously doubt that your realms in Austria or Australia will succeed.

They say you can judge a man by his friends, how can you be mates with a bloke that defends and promotes Jeff Schoepp, Kevin Strom, Will Williams ?

OK, John Johnny or whatever you go by today, I have no respect for some blowhard like you who hides behind different identitys on different forums. Let me ask ya this numnuts, do you make friends with every person your friends do? You don't even know the tenets of your own religion! Your no Catholic, and seem to jump between forums to practise a divide and conquer strategy honed by the enemy. You do it well. Say hello to your masters for me.

If you have a problem with Walter, be a man don't hide your identity and talk to him. And just so ya know, the order we merged with has Klaverns that accept Catholics, but since you are not one, don't worry about it. Mam I'm sorry that vile creature speaks to you like he does. I'm gonna take that up with Linder. He's a sorry piece of human excrement, and the best part of him must have ran down his mommas leg straight to hell.