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Originally Posted by klarn View Post
Boy, you don't have any respect for women or yourself, Now me and you both know that you wouldn't talk like that to my face, so why don't you run along and go play with yourself. As I doubt you have a single friend in the world. She's right, speaking like that shows your raising! Was your momma a sailor? Why don't you quit trolling here as you can't speak a sentence without cursing. Its childish!!!!!
Oh no some jew on a stick worshiper that dresses up in bed sheets has threatened me from thousands of miles away.
I better start running for the hills.
The fact is YANK you dont know me so you dont know how you would react in the real world and on that note I can only deduce that you are a christiotard wanker.

Coming over to the UK section to threaten me with the bed sheet avenger and denigrating a thread that is nothing to do with you or your bed sheet clowns was just a little pathetic.
For a christiotard to run around the web threatening people thousands of miles away I would think you need to see a head doctor and fast.

Hows that mumbling to a dead jew on a stick coming on.
Have you got sore knees yet.

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