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Originally Posted by EDLIE Stampton View Post
Oh no may the good lard protect me and save me from the internet hard clown that runs around thousands of miles away from me in his soiled bed sheets while mumbling to his imaginary jew god.

You know I never called that idiot a cunt as you have been stalking me in the UK section and you have seen my explanation as has she.
It is also on this thread so anyone including your idiotic self can go take a look.
I also explained it to her on another thread when she went off crying about it.

You just keep worshiping your jewish child murdering god and running around in your soiled bed sheets.
Im sure there is medication available that will help diminish your delusions.

Oh dear.
The nutter even thinks he is a dragon.
I know they have dragons in his bible but he actually thinks he is one and posted on this forum saying he is a dragon.
Quick call the men in white coats.
There is a dragon running around with a soiled bed sheet on its head.

Originally Posted by Josie_in_SF View Post
I'm a Folk-Pagan, but if anyone is truly White, Pro-White and an upstanding person, I don't care who they are or what religion. You shouldn't antagonize people just for that reason.
" just for that reason."

You have got to be just as big a cunt as the christian jew on a stick lovers or ignorant.

And as we see, your a lying retarded piece of human excrement as well!