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Originally Posted by klarn View Post
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I'm a Folk-Pagan, but if anyone is truly White, Pro-White and an upstanding person, I don't care who they are or what religion. You shouldn't antagonize people just for that reason.
" just for that reason."

You have got to be just as big a cunt as the christian jew on a stick lovers or ignorant.

And as we see, your a lying retarded piece of human excrement as well!
As we see you are still thick as pig shit.
Can you not see the words "OR IGNORANT"
It was established she is/was certainly one or the other.

Like most people she was ignorant of the fact that the christian empire slaughtered thousands upon thousands of pagans all over Europe and the British Isles.
They also tried to destroy all trace of them.
Now she is no longer ignorant I suspect she as a self declared PAGAN will not by as rash in her defense of your child killing Jew on a stick cult.

Time to wash your boyfriends spunk and your shit out of that sheet boy.Enter the dragon was a martial arts film not a faggoted fuck instruction.