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Originally Posted by klarn View Post
Lol! You are a vile human being, and evidently a kid with a nasty mouth sitting in his mommas basement. Ahh what pro white group do you belong too? None I'm sure, as no one in their right mind would want some punk kid with a filthy mouth and no morals in their organization
You talk of morals that is funny.
You walk around with a soiled sheet over your head pretending to be a dragon.
That is just crazy.
You also worship a dead Jew on a stick child murderer that also murdered every man woman and child on the planet apart from Noah and his family.
Your Jewish god has said when he comes back he will burn every living thing on the planet to death.
You are one sick cunt.

Fucking christians and morality.
Don't make me laugh.

If you ever find a woman and have a son.
Do the christian thing and stab him to death.
That's another of your christian teachings you ignorant freak.