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Originally Posted by klarn View Post
Lol! You are a vile human being, and evidently a kid with a nasty mouth sitting in his mommas basement. Ahh what pro white group do you belong too? None I'm sure, as no one in their right mind would want some punk kid with a filthy mouth and no morals in their organization
He is one of the UK's leading movement activists attending some of the most contentious "movement" demonstrations that have been held in the last two years or so. This fact should tell you just what sort of level the movement in the UK is and is likely to be for a very long time.
Sensible racial patriots in the UK give such people a wide berth and the demonstrations he attends number in single figures rather than millions. However the movement and its internet devotees regard this sort of activism as the pinnacle of human achievement.
Are such demonstrations system directed? They do not have to be it gives comfort and succour to the enemy and shames every Aryan of goodwill on the planet.
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