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EDLIE Stampton
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Give an example aNDY.

Just so that everyone is aware.
Andy is another christian that practices mock flesh eating and blood drinking rituals with his local coven of Jew on a stick worshipers.
He has not done any activity apart from post on vnn for over 20 years.

He constantly invents story's about real activists and has recently been suspended from vnn for inventing a story about someone being a jew.
His latest lie was that I am trying to bring Arab refugees to Britain.
He invented the story because I attend dangerous anti Jewish demonstrations that others are to scared to attend.
As for community activism I am directly responsible for 3 new road crossing lighting being installed on 2 public walk ways and I'm a anti government paedophile campaigner that has been on sky news Russia today and the BBC among others.
I have also stood in a number of elections.In the last one I stood in I beat the government Conservative party and the liberal party beating their combined result.
Only losing out to the labour party that has held the seat for over 100 years.

aNDY although being a catholic version of the Jew on a stick lovers fan club promotes the UVF protestant terrorist gang that ran boys homes for the benefit of government paedophiles and high ranking British military and establishment figure's.Kincora boys home being the most well known.

Another in the long line of sick Jew on a stick lovers that want their god to slaughter everyone and take their own particular cult to some place in the sky.
What a stinking degenerate.
Tell us all about your human shit sniffing activities with your black friends aNDY.