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Originally Posted by John Adams View Post
Wrong, Klarn, the Klan has copied the Catholics.
The Klan has not been in existence for 500 years, therefore its impossible that the Robe and Hood originated with the Klan. Also as you are aware the modern Robes were not worn by the original Klan
That mental retardation klown known klarn as his internet name.
Has got to be the most retarded CUNT YANK I have ever encountered on the web or in the real world.
Under normal circumstances the Americans I have occasions to chat with are top guys.
Last Sunday I shared a drink in Oklahoma with a Cowboy that was my idea of what a real American is.John Wayne with a left and right hand to back up his well earned big man natural bravado.
Then these meth head retard cunts come along like klarn the idiot kunt klown and make true Americans look like total piss stains just like some of his cleaned sheets that he scrubbed his boyfriends shit and spunk out of.

Its a shame I had to come back to the British Isles as if I was as retarded as koon kung klarn I would have arranged for a differential dispute sorting out conference.
As I am not a fucking sex pervert that runs in my dirty bed sheets while worshiping a dead Jew on a stick and koon kunt klarns idea of a venue would be the YMCA queer cop bar and lounge on 69 street he can keep his faggoted hands in his worn out pockets and tug his small cock as he runs around his mothers bedroom in his langere and shit spunk piss and his mothers leaking cum overflowing cunt deposited bed sheets.

Keep your hands off your sister klown.
She has a cunt like a bucket just like her arse hole.
Ask your local nigger ball team.
I would say you have no need to ask but as you have only ever fucked your christian mother in keeping with your Jew on a stick anti white religion and only ever fucked your sister up the rectum thus saving her virginity until she was 8 years old and gang banged by your father and the police department.
Still at least your sister lasted 3 years longer than you for her first no holes bared black gang bang.

Wog banging white trash meth head CUNT.
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Just a tip.
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