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And just so ya know, I wouldn't want you to think you actually got something right, our robes were brought into the Klan by masons like Albert Pike. The costumes were just as I told the poster above. Do ya want one? If not troll on little lizard. Edlie, was your momma some sort of hermophidite Sailor? Maybe a Retarded brain donor? You have a mouth that would make Lucifer blush. Does a wife kiss that? You don't respect yourself nor women. You no doubt spend your days alone jacking off to your own physcotic delusions. You seem to have spunk on your mind, you speak of it a lot. Have you honestly tried a shrink? Please do us all a favor and at least try to get some help before you kill someone or most likely kill your hateful self. Last I checked I've done not a thing to you, you attack me for being a Klansman and a Christian, I hate to tell you buddy, but the majority of people in this movement are Christians, i guess you won't stand by those who will fight out of hatred. No loss for us, a man blinded by hate is a loose cannon and one who is a liability. You act as if anyone who does not describe to your ideology is an enemy. Last I looked my skin is white. Please get help, We need warriors, not lunatics.