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Originally Posted by Ray Allan View Post
Now many of those same bullies, punks, alpha-dog wannabes and would-be dictators are our bosses. Scum rises to the top no matter where you are.
Especially in corporations where you do not must pass psycho test on job interview. On my perivous job six persons left job because of non-white bully boss who is convicted killer and unmarried because he can not find white woman as part of invasive species. Theorists teach us how exist free market but in real life business means lot of mobbing,mistreatment,success depends about force. Here on forum exist in the reccomendations watch tv shows about animals where exist only laws of natural selection and same is with humans,there do not exist fair game in nature because survivability means accept lot of risks does not matter how it cost. I was not just bullied in one successful corporation for stopping my advancement on job but also gashlighted when people want to attack your mental health,pure example of psycho terrorism,I lost lot of pounds because of that,they attacked me as monkeys (lower white undermans,declared communists and poor christians,both very jelaous on succesful whites) with bless of my non-white criminal boss,it was real hell for me,legal concentration camp in ownership of liberal elite who advocate cheap labors however,when they employee just two in the group of 20 people,there is lot of problems and when it comes more,then you can not work because they start to looting such enterpriese. Also I had problems with my political views on job does not matter about my liberalism and libertarianism who I explained in my blog,we have competent literature but they then start to use force against you oppinion.

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