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Default be a man join the klan!

The education of our youth brings
The fear of the LORD brings
i'm the one that brought the ten commandments to the courthouses in kentucky. the first one i gave as a gift to the first courthouse came from flatlick kentucky. the judge asked me where i got them from and he ordered ten commandments for every courthouse in kentucky. glory be to God!
ok so i had made friends with some of the ky judges. one day i was sitting in an office in a courthouse 10-15 miles down the road from franklin ky. i heard a commotion outside. i looked out the window. i said to the judge there is people circling around your courthouse what is that. the judge showed me a big smile and said that my friend is the ku klux klan!
white power march on!
albino whites have been in captivity for so long set my people free!