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Yes, absolutely disgusting...surely the party (Sweden Democrats) must now be joining up behind him, paying his fines, supporting him in every possible way in light of this disgraceful Orwellian verdict and ominous judicial precedent...?


They have instead given him a stern "warning", and are "keeping the option open" to eventually exclude him from the party, i.e throw him out the door like a filthy rag. Some real heart-warming solidarity right there...

The reason is that they --- after having been hounded, demonized, vilified and pissed on by the press and the whole establishment at every step of the way for over 25 years since the party's founding, and after having now been elected into parliament for the first time in 2010 in an upset to the establishments nervous and hysterical dismay --- have decided to adopt... a policy of absolute "non tolerance for racism" within the party. Eh...yeah.

This amounts to pretty much a pledge to the bloodhounds in the media - that still hates the party's guts and that will pretty much persist in calling it "nazis" regardless of whatever possible and impossible concessions that they make - that any slipped comment, any blog-post, anything that they can sniff out that could be deemed "racist", will result in a ban of that "guilty" member.

It is actually hard to think of a more stupid and insane strategic decision to make by a party in their position, but that's what they did, and the result have been just as embarrassing and demoralizing as one could have predicted. I don't know exactly how many people that have thus far been shown the door to the sound of gloating barks from from the media in the 1½ years that has now passed since they "adopted" that policy, but it must be many, many dozens, and amongst them quite a few names from the upper tier, and quite a few of the soundest, most experienced, genuinely, seriously nationalistic representatives.

They have not been fully consistent though (which they have of course been criticized for in turn), and persons favored by the party leader Jimmie Åkesson and the gang of 6-7 persons around him that are in pretty much total control of the party machinery, have been spared despite often having made many times more egregious comments than others given the boot. So I guess one has to give them some dubious "credit" in that they have seemingly been able to use this policy partly to their personal advantage in the inner-party power-struggle, to get rid of some of the most formidable rivals that posed the greatest threat to their current corrupt leadership.

There are still a lot of good, idealistic, well meaning members within the Sweden Democrats, and within the ~10% share of the population that according to current polls will vote for them in the coming election (not to mention the +50% of the population - the normals - that are still and have always said that they want less immigration) there is a huge reservoir of kindling nationalistic potential. But, with the current leadership and trajectory, they are more and more crystallizing as an obstacle for a real nationalistic awakening, and as serving as a safety-valve for the system, just as the conservative Pat Buchanan-types in the Kwa.

If the genuine nationalistic forces, I'm thinking of the Party of the Swedes primarily, stays vigilant and keep putting in the work to build up a really competent and capable organization, and proves their worth, there is a huge segment to sweep up and a huge potential for growth.

You just have to look at the example of Golden Dawn in recent years, that with its genuine foundation, was able to stand strong, and grow much stronger, when the wind really started to pick up to a storm, while the pseudo-nationalists in the
Popular_Orthodox_Rally Popular_Orthodox_Rally
, that had previously received many times more votes, was, without any real roots, completely swept away from the political scene.

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