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Default The Nerdicist 1924 Immigration Act unmasked

The Nordicist 1924 Immigration Act and the decline of White America


The Nordicist 1924 Immigration Act and the decline of White America

I have numerous reasons for hating Nordicists, but as an American, the Immigration act of 1923, a fake racialist piece of legislation that started the road to racial ruin for my country, and was promoted by Mediterranean and Slav hating nativists is reason enough.
Our country went from 80% White in 1820, to 90% White in 1920 thanks to nearly unrestricted European immigration. Up until around 1880 this was principally from Northern Europe, mostly Germany and Ireland.
However by 1880 most of the Whites who wanted to leave NW Europe for the US had already done so. In addition, the economy in NW Europe was rapidly improving, giving less of an incentive to immigrate. Naturally America then turned to the Mediterranean and Slavic nations of Southern and Eastern Europe, and by 1920 they pushed our White population to 90 % and had a key role in building the greatest economy and complex of cities the world had ever known. The US was now a Second Rome, a Pan Aryan Superpower where all White nationalities came together to live work, worship and love, and there was no end in sight with the White population soaring, the middle class exploding in ranks, working men driving autos made by the Aryan Irish American Henry Ford, and increasingly paid excellent wages by Aryan entrepreneurs and patriots like Mr. Ford who realized that the Aryan worker was not an animal to be exploited, but a treasured and skilled resource to be cultivated.
However not all businessmen were like Mr. Ford, who kept Blacks out of his factories. When WW1 occurred, even Americas exploding White population was not large enough to man the trenches and the factories, so the first tiny trickle of Blacks was brought up from the South.
Of course, these desperate Blacks worked for nearly nothing, and some traitorous plutocrats now had an idea...if after the war those uppity Whites could be kept from coming in from Europe, imagine all the cheap Negro labor they could exploit… and damn what it would do to the Pan Aryan paradise that had been created.
So these unscrupulous men, not Jews mostly, but WASPS with connections to freemasonry, devised a clever scheme, a diabolically clever one… one that almost made the ADL look like armature night.
They promoted the so called racialist theories of various Nordic supremacist crackpots like Lothrop Stoddard and Madison Grant, who while at first glance seeming to be WP, in reality were precursors of Arthur Kemp. They attributed every advancement of White Civilization to Nordics, and suggested that while Mediterranean’s were Whites, they were Whites of a marginal sort, despite the obvious fact that the overwhelming majority of Ancient White Civilizations were Mediterranean.
They cultivated religious hatred and division by denouncing Catholics as "Papists" who allegedly were plotting to take over the world, all the while ignoring their own connections to freemasonry and the international banking elite.
They viciously attacked the waves of Southern and Eastern European immigrants due to the presence of a tiny number of Communists and Anarchists, while looking the other way at the already massive infiltration of One World Socialist ideas among the Wasp Eastern elite.
The once noble and thoroughly Pan Aryan Klan of General Forrest was revived as an anti- Med, anti -Slav. Anti-White Immigrant and Anti- Catholic hate group. The Klan departed so badly from its original ideals and became so Statist in nature that it eventually got a law passed in Oregon outlawing Catholic schools, which a still patriotic US Supreme Court overturned as a flagrant assault on freedom of religion.
A few far sited Pan Aryans, Southern and Northern European alike, deplored this hijacking of racialism by enemies of the White race, Dr. Coon, Julius Evola, and Il Duce himself among them. But their numbers were small.
As a result of all of this the Immigration Act of 1923 was passed and in the guise of protecting the White race, it did just the opposite:

(1) It sharply restricted Southern and Eastern European Immigration through imposing a quota system which overwhelmingly favored Northwest Europe at the expense of Southern and Eastern Europe.

(2) The problem was that nearly all those from NW Europe who had wished to immigrate had done so years earlier, and the NW Europe quotas went almost entirely unfilled, while very few were allowed in from the rest of Europe.
(3) The net result was a sharp drop in TOTAL WHITE IMMIGRATION, to less than 10% of previous levels

(4)However, what almost no one realizes is that this scheme PLACED NO RESTRICTIONS WHATEVER ON IMMIGRATION FROM THE WESTERN HEMISPHERE! Meaning that Blacks from the Caribbean , as well as Non-White Latin Americans had no legal barrier to coming in. This loophole was mostly closed in the 1954 Immigration act, but by then hundreds of thousands of Blacks and Non-White Latin Americans had come in, this was a small amount for a country the size of the US, but it did give them a series of small beachheads that they would later vastly expand following the opening of the floodgates with the 1965 Immigration act

(5) As the boom of the 20s went on, with only a trickle of European immigrants available, labor shortages soon appeared. This encouraged the first significant numbers of Blacks to leave the South for Americas cities, very slowly at first, than picking up steam with both the depression and WW2.

(6) In 1920 NYC was 98% White, but as the above process went on, the steady stream of Blacks became a flood after WW2, and this was the beginning of the end of our cities, the Nordicist law in effect replacing a booming Southern and Eastern European population with "cheap" black labor...which we have not stopped paying the price for since

(7) Needless to say, the growth in proportion of the White population slowed and had halted by the 1940 census. By the 1950 Census, the White proportion showed a slight decline for the first time in our nations history. This slow drop of course became a tailspin after 1965.

(8) This Nordish swindle that would embarrass the ADL had one more grin echo. Naturally many White ethnics resented this law, and were actually swindled into supporting the 1965 Immigration Act by being told it would open up Southern and Eastern European immigration while not significantly increasing Non-White immigration. Talk about Chutzpah!