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The extension of settling North America beyond NW Europeans to Eastern and Southern Europeans was not only good for America, it was good for NW Europe
America was far too bigger place for only 1 segment of our race to populate it.
In fact, as much of a blessing as Irish, Scottish and Niordic immigration was to us, it got to the point that by the latter 19th Century many Nordic countries were nearly denuded of population by immigration tp America
Irelands population declined from 8 to 2 million, and well over 90% of Irish genes were exported to the New World, to such a degree that by the Mid 20th Century there were about 20 times more Irishmen in the US than in all Ireland!
AS latew as [email protected] were only 2 million Norwegians. Neither Scandanavia nor Ireland have recovered in population to this day, rendering them extremely vulnerable to conquest by NW immigration. In fact by some estimates Ireland might be the first nation in Europe to lose its White majority
Only Germany, with its huge population and dynamic economy, was able to send us huge numbers of immigrants, and not only maintain its population, but still grow
By the late 19th Century, the time was long past due for Southern and Easter4n Euros to pitch in, and they did. But without the 1824 Act, they could have done far more. NYC would have still had more Italians than Rome, and the South Side of Chicago would have been New Warsaw instead of New Afriica, to site countless examples