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Mr. SlashN'Burn
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The *ONLY* thing that I actually miss about Squirmfront is the Poetry forum, which I managed to contribute a bit to before getting banned in March of 2003.

I never understood why there wasn't one here, and I still don't. Just an oversight, perhaps?

The main thing that creeped me out about Squirmfront's was that the sorry-ass Satanists seemed to dominate it. One day, one of them actually posted a poem entitled, "To Our Mother In Darkness", I shit you not.

I didn't actually read it, but, for all I know, it could've been an ode to Hillary Clinton, which wouldn't surprise me, knowing how over-run with FEMROIDZ that site is. But, at any rate, for the poster to have even used that phrase was a dead give-away of the fact that they were a Satanist. (And I mean a real one, too. Not one of these phony-baloney Anton LaVey-types. [See Springmeier's BLOODLINES OF THE ILLUMINATI for further explanation.])

But I don't think we would have that problem here. And, even if some Satanist or femroid was to drop a little turd down the chimney, it would be quite easy for the mods to delete it.

So, anyway, who's with me?