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Originally Posted by Richard H. View Post
I have already made a thread dedicated to poetry; it's called "Poetry" (good or bad) and have written some pretty good ones of which some had won me awards when they were submitted to poetry contests in the past.

There are other posters who write well; and have good talent; maybe you're not interested because you have nothing to contribute, that's fine; but don't knock others because they care to share their talent with the remaining posters.

No doubt about it, the world *IS* ending. Me and Richard The Homo just agreed on something.

I should've smelled old Lizard-Boy coming, though. He first "outed" himself as an elitist with this post. I was just too lazy to call him on it, so I saved it for today. And his name's "Sandor", too. A variant of Anton LaVey's middle name. Typical.

On the subject of Ezra Pound, though, here's a question for anyone who might be able to answer it: Was Ezra the kind of guy who might've affected a thick Irish accent during a recorded poetry reading, just for a laugh? It's supposed to be him doing "Moeurs Contemporaines" on The Caedmon Poetry Collection, but I'm not so sure it really is him, as the guy has a very thick Irish accent, and, since I read that Ezra was born in the state of Idaho, it seems hightly unlikely that that would be his natural voice.

I'm thinking it might actually be James Joyce, as it sounds a bit like him, but I'm not sure. At any rate, it's certainly possible, as there were some other misprints on that third CD. A lot of the tracks were out of order.

Any thoughts?