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Originally Posted by Charles Martel View Post
I'm a bit afraid to respond to your posts. Tell me I'm wrong:

The French Deception

It is completely clear that DBS is a full on kike (married to a mud-moroccan)...
You are wrong.

I am not a member of his forum; when I first saw this video that a Friend had told me about, I was taken by surprise; since I had never heard of these people.

I spent the better part of 2 months tracking the perpetrator of this video down; going after him on the i-net and even made a myspace - not the one alleged to be mine in your video - in order to rebut the ridiculous premise, where these people have several myspace sites- along with other places they/he decided to post. It also appears that Smith has several myspace accounts, using other people's names in order to smear them, why he does this I have no idea -

From reading his site, apparently Darly Bradford Smith was deceived by the female known as Nina. Idk, what her politics are - however, a foto used of myself - wearing dark sunglasses and in b&W can only be compared to Nina's fotos, by stretch of the imagination.

In her other fotos when compared to other fotos of myself, it's made quite obvious that she and I are not the same woman. I have no idea why this guy decided we were one and the same.

You should check out his many pages as well as forum - no one there thinks we are the same woman. In fact the whole business was debunked by their own Members - Not for my sake; but for the sake of their Member Nina.

What I particularly disliked about these tactics, was the fact that Daryl Bradford Smith also claimed my cousin was Nina, though he had not fotos of her, and claimed that the various sites my cousin is Member to, none are political, particularly the ones that she joined when she was 16, also belonged to "Nina" ; which exposed her to a variety of attack, to the extent that she had to create new accounts, as well, since she had given her ym and aim as means to reach her on those account

- as well as my xanga site, which Darryl Bradford Smith decided belonged to Nina - If you care to read my response to both Nina and Daryl Bradford Smith, I will give the url to my myspace - as well, you will have to read back several pages on my xanga.

I have no idea who, why, what led Daryl Bradford Smith to believe me to be his Nina, nor what brought it on.

I leave you and others to make up your mind in the matter.

IF you wish to read what I had to say to "fugazi" - which means fake in Italian - I will be happy to give you the url to the myspace account I created, just to confront them and her; though it's been several months since I last signed in there, I confronted Smith and his coterie, and had little use for myspace beyond that.

There's another member of this board who knows me personally and what I did to combat these people, and my fighting this Smith fellow very aggressively caused him to remove the FIRST "Nina-Gina" slander/ video from the web, well youtube anyways,

I have no idea what the video you have produced here is supposed to mean vis a vis myself. Why don't you explain? Perhaps you are Daryl Bradford Smith?

I have dealt with this matter some months ago - and was contacted by a couple of their members on myspace, as well as Nina herself. The members offered apology; and Nina asked that I not attack her since, she had never claimed my xanga was her own; nor that she was using my SN anywhere on the web.

If you would like to join them, they are conspiracy theorists I think, who oppose israel, but not jews it seems. In fact many Members, from what I could tell from visiting the site ARE jews; as well as variety of other non-whites - then by all means do so.

I've nothing to hide in this regard. Perhaps I should post a foto of myself, alongside that of Nina, and let you decide for yourself. Though it is obvious from the video which has several old fotos of me, and but one of Nina, one in black and white with my face attached to hers, the one of Nina herself in black and white.

BTW, there are SEVERAL fotos of Nina too, in colour and it''s obvious from them, that we are two separate women; not even kin. Why do you not post them? Then folks could compare the fotos of me in the video, which were taken when I was a teenager to her several.

Here is one, taken on my last birthday - I am the blond and it's one of very few fotos in which I am smiling, I think my front teeth are too big, and it makes me shy to smile.

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