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Originally Posted by Charles Martel View Post
I'm a bit afraid to respond to your posts. Tell me I'm wrong:
You are very wrong. Nina is not Gina; they don't even look similar [look at the video for heaven's sake]. As for 'Fugazi's' motives; neither myself or EG ever figured that one out (beyond some brief speculations). In case you are wondering I am the person noted in EG's post who knows her personally and I also am very aware of what she did to counter these slanders.

Besides its hardly likely 'Fugazi'; or for that matter DBS (et al), would know a real Mossad operative if one kicked him in the goolies. They ('Fugazi' and his crowd) run on the typical; very jewish, CT persecution complex [Oy vey! The Black Helicopters [which are substitute for the Oprichniki (Ivan the Terrible's reign)/Black Hundreds (the late Tsars)/Blackshirts/early SS uniforms)] are coming to get me!] as far as I can see but that's neither here nor there.

Why bring it up here [I mean; basic relevance?] and why didn't you take it to EG in PM first to see what she had to say?