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Talking I Agree.

I'm rather fond of writing parodies myself.

Here's one that I wrote one night at the KFC, while trying to ignore the nigger smell long enough to choke down some original recipe, with the godawful strains of that half-breed ape-fucker Mariah Carey's "A Hero Lies In You" ringing in my ears for the umpteenth time. I think I got my revenge.


Affluence defines your youth
You're insulated from the truth
Mom and Dad are rich as kings
Wealthy suitors bring you rings
But you really liked it rough
Cecil wasn't big enough
And you wonder what you missed
'Cause your ass was never kissed

Then a Negro comes along
And he really pours it on
And you're gullible and young
And you see he's really hung
But the tears will fill your eyes
When you finally realize
And you finally see the truth
That the Negro lied to you

Everything's gone up in smoke
They treat your life just like a joke
And there's nothing left for you
You're a victim of the Jew
Then a Negro comes along
With his whiny little song
Saying Whitey's done him wrong
While he's sucking on a bong

He will lie a thousand times
Blaming Whitey for his crimes
He'll just carp and bitch and gripe
While he's smoking that crackpipe
He knows how to play the game
And he oughta be ashamed
Your suspicion grows and grows
As his odor fills your nose
And that's when you'll see the truth
That a Negro lies to you