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Originally Posted by Robbie Key View Post
What do you make of Pierce's Cosmotheism? Tax fraud or something he truly believed in?

He speaks about it like he's serious in this book, but that could be to keep up appearances so that the government didn't find out.

He undoubtedly believed in cosmotheism but all the religious ceremony, pulpit preaching and singing hymns like in the documentary below was clearly bullshit and staged in my opinion, it was just a show, so it could look like a legitimate religion and he could dodge taxes. Good for him. I would do the same thing. Screw paying this ZOG government any blood money in taxes to help destroy our race.

Goto 10:30 min (to see the pulpit) and 12:30 min (to see the ridiculous hymn singing). The jews knew it was bullshit, but Pierce was playing the game so they couldn't do shit about it and they knew it. Well played Dr Pierce!