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Alex Linder
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Alex Linder

E. Michael Jones, Degenerate Moderns

Ch. 8: Sigmund and Minna and Carl and Sabina: The Birth of Psychoanalysis Out of the Personal Lives of Its Founders

[this is 8a, as ch8 will take multiple sessions]

http://www.vanguardnewsnetwork.com/M...es-DM-Ch8a.mp3 (1:38)

- on freud and jung. their theories come out of their illicit relationships - freud with his sister in law, minna bernays; jung's with his patient, sabina spielrein (russian jew). freud and jung went to lecture in america. on the boat, freud refused to offer personal details because they would threaten his authority. this is when jung realized freud and his system were frauds. missing letters between freud and minna - deliberately hidden or destroyed, because they would prove they had a sexual relationship. minna was a revenant, or reappearance of freud's czech second-mother. she was his czech 'second mother' to his children (nanny). jung was the first aryan, to be the Saul/Paul to take psychoanalysis to the goyim. freud's biographers have tried to cover up the truth, some of them. they try to claim freud's oedipal theory is universal, but stop you from applying it to freud, yet when you examine the facts of his behavior, it applies perfectly to him. it is not universal, since we don't all do what freud did, nor do we want to. ...preceding this i have 20 minutes talk of books and Clizbe's attempt to blame the origins of PC on the non-jew German Willi Muenzenberg, and his weird claims the NYT is WASP, and if any ethnic group deserves blame for PC, it is WASPs. fact that dorothy parker's father was jew named rothschild. clizbe acts like the NYT and public schools are just idea-transmission belts or neutral machinery open to everyone, rather than tools for promoting the agendas of their owners. typical anti-occamic jew-exculpation.