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Just heard the freud podcast, good stuff.

If you're looking to write a book on political correctness, I would point you towards the Associated Press Stylebook.

It was created by a Jew (Norm Goldstein) and it is mandatory for mainstream media to follow. Some of it deals with nuts and bolts about grammar and punctuation, but it also has specific instructions on how to describe news stories. For example, there is a part commanding journalists never to mention race in crime stories "unless it's relevant" (E.G., the perp is white and the "victim" is black).

AP Stylebook of course comes with caveats. It says every person age 18 and up is an adult, but a lot of these commandments tell you to use "news judgement". An in-between the lines way of telling you to call Michael Brown a "teen".

Would be interesting to find out about the origins and how it got so prominent. We know the answer (Jews), but the logistics of how it happened is as important as the conclusion.
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