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Originally Posted by Joe_Smith View Post
Look out for Lenin's "State and Revolution", it's easy to find online, this deals with some of what you're saying.

I think going after Mao might be a bit of a diversion. Most of Mao's views were simply inherited from the Comintern (And interestingly enough, the Kuomintang) until later on when he opened himself from Marxism.

A better angle would be to research the Comintern (Communist International) established by Lenin and Trotsky, which existed from 1919-1943, and controlled the line of all communist parties world wide. Look up meetings from any given year, and you'll find nothing but Jews representing "their" countries at this thing.

The Comintern was such a terrifying global entity for the world that the Germans, Italians and Japanese literally named their pact the "Anti-Comintern Pact".

Stalin out of nowhere dissolved it in the 40's, even he found the international Jews in it to be frightening and subversive.
Good ideas, and thanks. Re Mao, it's the cultural revolution and its techniques. These are mentioned by Frank Ellis in stuff I've posted and done audiobooks on. Just wondering if anyone has any bibliography or books in that direction. That is one area I've never studied, but I've seen some very interesting hints. Relations between the milder form we see today in the US - anything related to shaming -- and the hard-core stuff practiced in China, USSR, and Eastern Europe. The stuff in the Anti-Humans, which i think was in Romania, was full-on torture, but also had elements of what I'm talking about.

Shaming. Consciouness raising sessions. Humiliating people, getting them to recant, in public. Scientific word-twisting along the Pravda (noble ideological lie) and Istina - the factual reality. Anything pertaining to any of this AND anything particularly good on the history of liberalism. I will go after the Catholics and the communists specifically, and the punch pullers, career girls, the cuckservatives.