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Hugh Akston
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Originally Posted by Man of the road View Post
I don't care to be honest. Just post here.
I understand your view, but on the other hand quite a few members who post here on VNN also regularly post over on Stormfront. In fact, two SF moderators regularly post here on VNN and Alex Linder apparently has no problem with that, so there is a great deal of cross-pollination between the two forums to pretend they mutually "hate" and disavow each other. They don't.

Originally Posted by )))Marc((( View Post
Personally , I like Black and Duke. It's a shame the gave the site away to globalist moderation.
If Don Black "gave away Stormfront to globalist moderation" then he did so intentionally. No one put a gun to his head, anymore than his left-wing, jew-loving son had a gun put to his head when he ditched his dad for jew bucks. Black is nothing more than a forum creator but not a deep thinker or a strategist.

Originally Posted by Rasen View Post
Fortunately I'm not in the list
Both you and "Alex Revision" were not included in the moderator poll so as not to cause either of you to be unduly attacked by enemies.

Originally Posted by Nate Higgers View Post
Today, the hypocritical moderators of Stormfront attempt to distance themselves from this fat faggot former forum moderator but when he held a ban hammer even the slightest criticism of him could see you banned by either him or one of them. They were the ones who empowered this blubberous piece of shit so that's something that should never be forgotten.