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Originally Posted by Randal Goode View Post
Do you mean the second "I" in "I feel I" is not a typo? If not, then you need commas: I feel, I, music was better 20 years ago. There is a pause present when you say it aloud the way you intend.
No. That would be valid, but that's not what I mean. I wasn't emphasizing that "I" feel this way, I worded it that odd way to make the point that I feel I was better back then, as well as that the music was better then. The second I and the music are on the same level, like dual barrels of a shotgun. The rest of the sentence pertains to both of them, as though there were two full clauses or sentences. But there aren't, just th one noun and the other, bare. I kind of like that effect, it has interested me more in recent years. Way to pack more meaning and efficiency into shorter space.

"Fortysomething" does not seem to be hyphenated in usage, as far as I can tell.
It's used a noun. One would hyphenate it as an adjective.

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