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Default Megan Stammers and maths teacher 'could be in Spain'

Interesting that they are not "found" after so long. Maybe it's all about the following the correct procedure.

The Serious Organised Crime Agency (SOCA) contacted counterparts in Madrid yesterday to request help with the search.

The last confirmed sighting of 15-year-old Megan and Jeremy Forrest, 30, was when they boarded a ferry from Dover to Calais last Thursday evening.

But Spain, as with Germany, Italy, Belgium and Switzerland, has an open border with France and the National Police in Madrid confirmed they were assisting in the search.

A spokesman said: "SOCA contacted us and asked us to investigate if the missing schoolgirl and her teacher are in Spain. We have been asked to see if we can locate them here. We cannot say any more at this stage as it is an ongoing investigation."

The French authorities have admitted that they are not actively looking for the pair, who are simply the subject of a missing persons inquiry. In France the age of consent is 15, so their relationship is not against the law.
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