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Now the paedo's dad is claiming he is vulnerable and could "flip".
Police believe the maths teacher who fled across the Channel with his 15-year-old pupil may be in Spain, it emerged today.

The last confirmed sighting of Jeremy Forrest, 30, and Megan Stammers, 15, was from CCTV cameras on a Dover to Calais ferry but detectives now fear they may have made their way over the Spanish open border with France.

Meanwhile, Forrest's father Jim is due to speak to the media this afternoon as a European warrant was issued for his son's arrest.

Mr Forrest Snr, from Orpington, Kent, believes his 'caring' son is 'vulnerable' and admits he is deeply worried that he could 'flip'.

Search continues: As these new pictures of Megan were released Jeremy Forrest's father Jim prepared to give an emotional appeal for his son to come home

It was reported yesterday, there are growing concerns that French authorities are not doing enough to find the pair from Bishop Bell Church of England School, despite photos of Megan being made public across France.

The lack of interest in France in the runaway pair emerged as police in Britain faced searching questions about their own response to reports of what would have been a potentially criminal relationship.

As Megan’s parents waited for information it emerged:

Police are said to have been in possession of her mobile phone before she ran away to France;
She was interviewed by officers before she fled the country, according to one relative;
Officers were accused of bungling the release of information – including getting the model of Forrest’s car wrong and the date they fled to France;
Friends of the girl said Megan’s mother was so worried about her phone habits that she regularly confiscated her handset.

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A woman who has been in her situation related what being preyed upon by an older teacher has done to her:

But it wasn’t a healthy relationship and it was hard to pick up the pieces afterwards. It’s only now with my husband that I am learning what it is to be truly in love with someone.

‘When people asked me if I loved Paul, I always said: “Yes, of course.” But it’s only now that I’m older that I know that wasn’t true.

‘Looking back, I realise that while there were some good times in our relationship he just wasn’t the right man for me.

‘I really wanted to love him because of the pain we had caused so many people, but that’s no basis on which to spend your life with someone.
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