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Big green light to paedophiles from France.

French officials last night confirmed they are not even searching for missing schoolgirl Megan Stammers – because her maths teacher Jeremy Forrest is not considered a ‘criminal suspect’.

The authorities in France also said they will make no attempt to arrest the 30-year-old, even if he is found, because he has not broken any of the country’s laws, despite eloping with his 15-year-old pupil without her parents’ permission.

The revelation will fuel fears too little is being done to find the pair – who left Britain last Thursday night after Sussex Police began investigating their relationship.

Even the suggestion that French police have been waiting for Forrest to use his bank or credit cards in order to track his movements was rubbished.

The lack of interest in France in the runaway pair emerged as police in Britain faced searching questions about their own response to reports of what would have been a potentially criminal relationship.
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Someone remind me - why do we bend over backwards to co-operate with France?
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