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Originally Posted by Steven L. Akins View Post
My grandfather, who was born in 1905, began his professional career as a school teacher, as was his father before him. He met my grandmother, who was born in 1917, while teaching a school in which she was one of his pupils. They were married in 1934 shortly after she turned 17 and he was 29. Their marriage lasted 46 years until my grandfather's death in 1980. He later gave up teaching to become a Methodist minister, they were the parents of seven surviving children.
That's not comparable. The 1930's were vastly different to 2012. 17 and 29 is different to 15 and 30.

Originally Posted by Dawn Cannon View Post
I'm still calling bullshit on the "it's all France's fault" = smoke and mirrors.

Even the bank notes are tagged these days (so is Prince Andrew...), and technology has moved WAAAY on from RFID chips...WAAY WAAY on.

Euro bank notes to embed RFID chips by 2005
Well, the rash of Megan stories has got everyone talking. Look at this thread for example - four/maybe five pages of replies and compare it to the blood on Cameron's hands - four replies. The whole country is so caught up in the salaciousness that they miss the actual scandal.

(a real tinfoiler would counteract your chip story by saying chips are good. Just ask Kit-Kat.

Should you open one of them, the GPS will activate and send a signal through to the company's control room.

A team of 'commandos' will then be despatched in a helicopter to your exact location within 24 hours and deliver you a briefcase containing 10,000 in cash.

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