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Missing Megan Stammers and Jeremy Forrest have been found 'safe and well' in France.

A Sussex Police spokesman said the pair, who went missing on Thursday last week, were found in Bordeaux today at 12.15pm UK time.

A spokesman said: 'Mr Forrest has been arrested on suspicion of child abduction and Megan has been taken into protection.

'The information which led to them being located came as a direct result of media coverage in France.

'At this stage we are not confirming the specific location where they were found.

'Their families have been informed and arrangements will now be made for Megan and Jeremy's safe return.'

The discovery came after the pair's parents made an emotional plea for either of the pair to make contact with the police.

Police were acting on information by a member of the public reacting to widespread media coverage about the fugitives.

They were both stopped by the police at 1.15pm French time, and split up from each other.

Mr Forrest could face up to five years in prison.

Judicial authorities in Paris confirmed that he was arrested for ‘the taking of a minor’ against her parents’ will.

Under France’s penal code, this is punishable with half-a-decade in jail and a 75,000 euro fine.

Paris prosecutors launched the investigation following criticism that they were not doing enough to find Megan.

It came as a European arrest warrant was also issued for Mr Forrest, with Interpol – the international police organisation – actively working with officers in the UK to find the couple.

The teenager and Mr Forrest, a married maths teacher, have not been seen since they travelled to France from their homes in Eastbourne, Sussex.

The last confirmed sighting was from CCTV cameras on board the ferry from Dover to Calais at 9.30pm.

The release of two images of the pair, arm in arm and holding hands, was intended to trigger a response from the public about their whereabouts.

There were no further sightings, with a prosecutor in Boulogne-sur-Mer saying that nothing would be done to ‘actively search’ for the pair because Megan was 15, and officially over the age of consent for sexual relations in France.
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Teacher arrested, much to the dismay of some VNNrs, I imagine.