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Originally Posted by littlefieldjohn View Post
Anyone who even remotely questions a facet of " The Holocaust" runs the risk of having something like their "career track"
screwed up. Dad mentions to a co -worker that he believes the gas chamber tales arent true , maybe he won't be able to send junior to the $60,000 per year kwa college because he's labelled "anti semitic" So much for freedom of speech.
This is economic terrorism.
A guy gets fired for having doubts. Maybe he is a doctor or some type of professional. He is now, in present tense financially debilitated. In future tense he will never practice medicine again. In future tense, because of present tense, he will not afford his children college. Both him and his children are debilitated for the future. But that's not all, because there is the past tense. In terms of past tense, all that he invested to become a professional with college and so forth are now erased since his degree is voided on account that he will never practice his trade again. Past present and future erased by the jew bomb.
Now consider in contrast a murderer by comparison. A nigger goes to jail for murder, does seven of the thirty year sentence, gets out after having been educated with a new job skill, gets affirmative action job placement and all is forgotton that he is a murderer.
But to say a racist comment, question the jew narrative and you will never ever live it down. Questioning the holocaust is a bigger crime than murder because murder will be forgotton with debt owed to society.