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I think American National Socialists should get active in that project.

Yes i know i know,the MM are not racists.But their stand on mexican immigration is the same one as ours.Of course no National Socialists should spend money and fund this reactionery project.Let the conservatives fund it if they like. National Socialists spend their money only for National Socialist projects.

Since this seems to be a grassroot movement in its beginnings,National Socialits have great chances of infiltrating it at its very beginning.Many local chapters and groups could be lead by genuine National Socialists.And all that with the money of some conservative yuppies.

The pressure the MM could have on the political right in the USA is also important.The very existance of the MM alone boosts the morale and arguments of the paleo-conservative block,around Pat Buchanan,within the Republican Party.

Anyway the time seems right to me for a reactionery political Party on the right of the Republicans.Pressure must not come only from the streets but also in elections.Many Democrats too are against this mexican invasion. Such a Party would take voters from both the Republicans and the Democrats.Thus rising the anti-immigration pressure within both Parties.

The time is not right yet for a revolutionery National Socialist Party in the USA.Thats why we should use such opportunities to take a stand against the System from within.
In the age of Globalization,its not the international Left,but the nationalist Right,which is the true anticapitalist force,which will set restrictions on the international Capital and will secure and improve the nation-state as a social shelter.