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Originally Posted by N.E.Rebel
Published February 19, 2006

NAACP takes aim at racist newsletter

Local chapter says distribution of the Aryan Alternative is a hate crime.

Didi Tang

Members of the local NAACP chapter are hoping to halt distribution of racist publications in Springfield without compromising freedom of speech.
"We don't want to jeopardize freedom of speech," said the Rev. Larry Maddox, the group's president, at its monthly meeting Saturday afternoon. "But we believe it is a targeted hate crime."

Residents in a neighborhood bordered by Fremont Avenue, Sunset Street, National Avenue and Battlefield Road received copies of a newsletter called the Aryan Alternative in January.

The publication denounces Jews, blacks and Hispanics as well as interracial relationships.

"It promotes white supremacy," said Melissa Jordan, secretary for the local NAACP chapter.


Boy, are we quaken in our shoes! LOL~!
Yet another highly successful distro by Massachusetts patriots. Great job, N.E. Rebel.

If you'll give me the name of that NAACP-loving newspaper, I'll send them a letter-to-editor rebuttal. City and phone number too, if you don't mind.

That koon said she supports freedom of the press, but demands we be arrested for exercising our's. And she sees no contradiction. Typical dumb-ass porch monkey, eh ?? I always said southern niggers were dumber than yankee niggers. She's sure made a liar outa me.

Regarding my quote in the Boston Herald, the reporter asked what I thought of TV reports that a man had attacked homosexuals with a hatchet. My response was: "Hell, I'd love to see that on TV every hour".

Thanks again, N.E. Rebel, and relay our solidarity and respects to all our Klansmen brothers in your area.
“To learn who rules over you simply find out who you are not allowed to criticize” —–Voltaire