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Originally Posted by Leonard Rouse View Post
I had the post wrong a few posts earlier. Naturally, you know exactly what you lied about, as you've never met my challenge, because you can't.


From post 1913 4 July 2011:

It's funny, your kind--and sad. All you had to do was say 'sorry,' but instead you continue to blame your victim, attempt to impugn my credibility, and dig an even deeper hole for yourself with lies upon lies upon lies.

And all because you have some psychologically unhealthy need to be right. You're not the only one--nor the worst--though you may be the most crass.
My summary of your stated position was completely accurate. You obfuscated then, when your crooked streak was brought to light, and you are obfuscating now.

It makes perfect sense. It explains why you have been supporting a position that has no credibility.

What's a liar going to do when his lying is exposed? Lie about it, obviously.

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