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Originally Posted by Crowe View Post
The regular police already answer to jews. It's one of the reasons why we call them blue niggers here on VNN. If a jew gives them stand down orders to sit there and watch niggers attack Whites, they obey. Whites are going to have to learn that they can't trust or rely on the police.
The significant difference is that today, Local and State Law enforcement and Sheriff's Departments are, at least in theory, still bound to the control of local and State Judges and Juries. In the case of County Sheriff's, even more so as they are directly elected.

Do you think what The Tribe has planned to replace Officer Friendly with will meet with their Brown Pet's approval, or not?

Not that either Jews or their Media will give a Flying Shit about what Niggers are ooking and eeking about at that point since they'll already have outlived most of their usefulness to them anyway...

On the other hand, more than a few of these "US/UNPF" members will be both foreign-born and Brown to represent the JWO's All-Important "Racial and Cultural Diversity". Still...,

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