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Originally Posted by Kievsky View Post

Take a good read of Fissile's post. If I had more horsepower between the ears, I would have wrote something like that.
Lots of verbiage that doesn't explain why this "finite" (like Fissile knows enough to judge) resource costs no more than milk, a renewable resource.

Rather than worrying your pretty little heads over stuff that is beyond your level, why not take the unthinking man's way and simply check the price at the pump? Price isn't just an exchange level, it conveys information about supply and demand. If oil truly is going to run out or become to expensive to produce, that will be surely be evident at the pump long before the last drop is drilled.

Belief in peak oil is not a whit different from believe in the return of Jesus. Rapture bunnies have the Bible, peakers have some dude's chart.